Barn Door

Sarah asked for a barn door for her birthday, so naturally I obliged.  While I would have loved to go scavenge for old used barn wood, the time investment was a little daunting.  Instead, she sent me a few links from other blogs where people had created a similar effect.  This is the one that ended up being the basis for my barn door.

My intention was to simply copy what they did, but double the size since I needed to cover the opening for our laundry closet.  When I made the trip to Home Depot, however, I found these distressed shiplap boards.  Perfect!  These, along with the trim boards make for a really nice barn door.

Before I went to get the wood though, I had actually already ordered the hardware from this website.  I ended up picking this hardware, so that I had enough track to cover the opening to the laundry closet and didn’t spend too much.  The only extra work involved was painting the hardware and drilling holes in the track for the studs.  Just had to get a cobalt drill bit and some drywall screws at the depot to be able to get through the steel track and attach the trim to the shiplap.

Anyway, so this is what I came up with.

I super happy with how it turned out.  The vertical boards come in 8ft lengths, so I made the whole thing first knowing I would have to cut it down to size and ripped the top side off with a circular saw.